Intellectual Property & Licensing

Technology companies, and many other ventures whose business success hinges on sound intellectual property strategies, face unique challenges and conflicts. 

They must keep up with the ever-escalating rapidity of innovation and growth, while managing the complexities of licensing, services and procurement contracts and their negotiation in a manner that doesn’t derail profitability and enterprise value.  Protecting the intellectual property (IP) used to scale these businesses is paramount, and must be handled correctly at the important touchpoints or value is potentially forever lost.   Online and ‘electronic’ contracting practices may also play an important role.  Striking the right balance takes experience and insight from the right legal counsel. 

Synergy’s approach is to provide hands-on, partner-led strategic legal service where and as you need it most, while collaborating efficiently with your internal resources for your more everyday legal needs.  We counsel clients in areas of intellectual property (IP) critical to the value of these businesses, including ownership of IP, technology/IP/software licensing, IP development, derivative works, eCommerce models, copyright protection and work-made-for-hire, trademark protection, IP assignments, IP misappropriation and protection of confidential and proprietary information.  Our deep experience with transactions, contract negotiations and litigating IP matters brings a real-world perspective in managing complex intellectual property needs for results.

If you’re looking for an experienced law firm that can help you move quickly while understanding and protecting the value of your intellectual property, then you have come to the right place. Learn more about our Enterprise Software or Technology & Licensing practices. 

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