Employment & Incentives

Businesses that are structured to scale recognize that much of their enterprise value lies in how they manage their human capital, employment and incentive matters.  We work with companies, executives and boards to develop human capital strategies, executive and employment contracts, IP ownership and the right balance of protective covenants and incentive plans so that these businesses can scale with the right people in a way that continually accrues value to the company.  We are an experienced resource in effective implementation and enforcement.  Whether the goal is value creation, new investment, an acquisition or sale, management continuity or a combination of those and more, we understand how to apply best practices for the “big picture.”

Our  experience with middle market growth and emerging companies and what makes them successful helps the business leaders we counsel to create forward-looking human capital best practices and a strong platform for… 

  • Attracting and retaining the right people and partners
  • Fostering a positive and productive work environment 
  • Managing fiduciary and confidentiality standards within the organization
  • ​Retaining the appropriate intellectual property and enterprise value
  • Protecting the company and the entire stakeholder community

If you are looking for a sophisticated law firm that can effectively handle your complex and business-critical human capital matters as well as your more routine needs, contact us for a free initial consultation.  

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