Enterprise Software, IT Services & Software Development

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Software, IT and Development firms face unique challenges and conflicts. They not only need to keep up with the ever-escalating rapidity of innovation; they also have to navigate the complexities of licensing, procurement, and partnership agreements, all of which could slow growth and potentially derail long-term profitability and enterprise value.

Synergy Law Group has worked with a wide array of technology and technology-enabled businesses – including software products, software services, and IT services, as well as companies that have combination models – during all phases of their growth, from start-up to international expansion, from negotiating a strategic venture backer to successful exit.


Growing technology firms require the full suite of legal services, which can add up to a significant legal line item on your balance sheet.

Synergy’s approach is to provide hands-on, partner-led strategic legal service where and as you need it most, while collaborating cost- and time-efficiently with your internal resources for your more everyday legal needs. This approach allows you to spend more of your precious funds on development and expansion, while getting the right legal counsel for the more critical aspects of your business planning and growth curve.

We have in depth experience working with companies that develop and market:

■ Vertical market applications, such as wireless carrier mobile, customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM), business process management (BPM), and logistics software
■ Tech-enabled products and services
■ Enterprise and desktop applications
■ Mobile applications & development
■ Operating systems and embedded solutions
■ Educational software
■ Health and wellness applications
■ Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software
■ Security software
■ Cloud solutions and services
■ Internet and software as a service (SaaS) solutions

We also work with numerous investors, suppliers and business partners to these companies – helping us better appreciate and understand the value and business drivers from both sides of the equation.


Getting the intellectual property ownership licensing, pricing, utilization and distribution models right is usually the greatest challenge of growing software and IT firms and where most enterprise value is lost and the greatest number of hurdles appear, which can slow growth and/or decrease the potential of outside investment.

This is why, for our clients that create software and other intellectual property, we focus so closely on the commercialization, protection, and scalability of your business and solution offering, including:

■ Channel and partner relationships
■ Intellectual property and licensing strategies
■ Recurring revenue models
■ Distribution and utilization fee
■ Commercial use contracts & limitations
■ Financing rounds & strategic investment
■ Dispute resolution & litigation avoidance strategies
■ Cloud and SaaS strategies
■ Electronic contracting best practices
■ Protection against license abuses


Whether it's the intangibility of your solutions or the scalability of your services, you face enough challenges on a day-to-day basis. You need a strategic law firm partner with the experience to help you identify, protect and leverage the value you are building.

Contact Synergy to learn how we are helping other technology businesses and their leaders to efficiently address and successfully face their challenges to meet their aggressive growth goals ... and how we can help you.